August 7, 2009 at 6:06 am

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NYT: Statistics jobs

Note that a lot of what they are calling statistics is really more about data mining, which is why several of the people they highlight are computer scientists not statisticians. This is consistent with my belief that our training ought to give more emphasis to workflow and data cleaning. Despite the usual standard-error-centric statistics training I’ve managed to develop a decent workflow, but (as can be seen by reading my shell scripts) I still really struggle with data cleaning languages like awk and perl.

Apple Rejecting All e-Book App Store Submissions?

Long story short, Apple is worried about confirming whether the application developers have clear title to the copyright. I see this as indirect fallout from the Kindle “1984” scandal, as well as a good illustration of transaction costs (and by extension, a good argument for limited copyright terms).

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User interface mimetic isomorphism But it’s got an 11

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