Surface / contour graphs with tddens.ado

September 8, 2009 at 6:06 am

| Gabriel |

I have previously complained about the lack of surface / contour graphs in Stata, first providing native code for some thoroughly fug graphs, then code that pipes to gnuplot. The latter solution produces nice output but is a) a pain to install on Mac or Windows and b) doesn’t adhere to Stata’s graph conventions.

I was actually considering cleaning up my gnuplot pipe and submitting it to SSC, but no longer, for there is a new ado file by Austin Nichols that does this natively and produces absolutely gorgeous graphs. The only advantage of piping things to gnuplot is that gnuplot is faster, but I think the advantages of doing everything natively within Stata make the extra couple seconds well worth it.

Fire up your copy of Stata and type

ssc install tddens

Here’s some sample output:

On behalf of Stata users everywhere, thank you Dr. Nichols.


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