A few stats pedagogy notes

November 17, 2009 at 4:47 am

| Gabriel |

I’ve found the OS X zoom feature to be very effective when teaching stats. Most of the time I have the projector at full resolution (so any given thing on it looks small), but when I want to show a piece of code or output I just mouse over to it and zoom (hold “control” and scroll-wheel or two-finger swipe up). This lets me keep my mac at the regular resolution and use Stata and TextMate in class instead of setting it to a lo-res and/or putting zoomed screenshots in Powerpoint or Keynote. This both has a more improvisatory feel and cuts down on the purely technical aspects of course prep.

Speaking of Powerpoint/Keynote, one of the problems with teaching code is you lose syntax highlighting. However you can keep it by copying from a text editor as rtf.

Finally, via Kai Arzheimer, I see the new site Teaching With Data, which includes both sample datasets and pedagogical materials.

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