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“As to Menon the Thessalian, the mainspring of his action was obvious; what he sought after insatiably was wealth. Natural affection he clearly entertained for nobody…. The man who was not a rogue he ever looked upon as only half educated.” — Xenophon
From the WSJ, an anthropology of economists and the bizarreness of walking the walk of hyper-rationality. (ht KPC)
[Update: I should add that I find some of this stuff charming, especially that economists hold their conferences in cheap cities. I have a lot of problems with ASA governance, among them that we hold conferences in bobo cities that are unaffordable to grad students. How many times do we need to visit the $300 hotel rooms of San Francisco?]

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I got a “5” on the performativity exam! Sampling on the independent variables

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  • 1. Mike Bader  |  January 4, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    I totally agree about the bobo cities, but have been shot down by others when I bring it up. Of course, despite what we like to think about ourselves caring about social justice, we always end up in cities that are the least likely to make a singnificant impact on the economy or workers in an area. And, when ASA is somewhere besides a “cool” city, not as many people show up.

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