Soc of Mass Media, weeks 6 and 7

February 18, 2010 at 5:25 pm

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Monday of last week I talked about starving artists and Baumol’s disease. (Note, there was some technical trouble last Monday so fast forward to 2:30 to skip it). Wednesday I talked about long-term contracts (and, following Gary Becker, whether human capital development is carried by the firm or the worker) and about Galenson’s conceptualist/ experimentalist dichotomy. There was no class this Monday for presidents’ day. This wednesday, I talked about team work, especially (Baker and Faulkner on) role combination/separation, (myself, Esparza, and Bonacich) on spillovers, and (Faulkner and Anderson) on sorting.

Next week, I’m doing social networks and genre. The latter lecture will be a new prep for me but I’ve been increasingly interested in it because of Jenn and Pete’s paper, Greta Hsu’s work on Hollywood, Ezra’s work on typecasting, and my own work on reggaeton. It’s older, but I also see Becker’s Art Worlds as being mostly about genre, especially the “conventions” chapter. Overall, the course was originally organized around the soc 101 trifecta of capital, labor, and state, but I’ve gradually moved away from that framework and made it increasingly organized around active research concerns in sociology (especially econ soc) rather than our discipline’s quaint pedagogical obsession with our imagined past.

Just a reminder, the best way to get the course is ITunes U as I include a pdf of the slides in the RSS and I mark-up the meta-text of the MP3s. There’s also a generic RSS feed for non-ITunes users, but unfortunately I don’t have the admin rights to mark it up and add non-audio content.

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