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Really big headers

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I recently submitted a manuscript for review and they were gracious enough to accept a PDF instead of Word as long as I blinded the meta-data and inserted their warning header. Because LaTeX assumes headers are short, getting it to accommodate a paragraph of legal boilerplate required using the “fancyhdr” package, which is included in most TeX distros.

In Lyx go to the “Page Layout” tab of the “Document Settings” dialog and choose “fancy”. Or if you’re using raw LaTeX you type:


Then regardless of whether you’re using Lyx or raw LaTeX, you put something like this in the document preamble:

\lhead{\textbf{HEY REVIEWER} \\ We at \emph{American Journal of Sociological Review} are giving you manuscript \#10-001 to review and that's it. Don't even think about doing anything sketchy like circulating this manuscript or plagiarizing it or anything like that. }
\headheight 72pt

If the journal also wants a watermark there are a few LaTeX packages that can do it (fancybox, watermark, wallpaper) but if you have a Mac it’s probably easier to use Automator.

August 1, 2010 at 5:17 am

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