The Case of the Missing Co-Blogger

June 15, 2011 at 6:54 pm

| Gabriel |

I was at the ASQ workshop at HEC Paris and who should walk past me and do a double-take but my erstwhile co-blogger, Pierre. Unfortunately this was at the second to last session of the workshop but we got to talk for about an hour as he gave me a ride back to Paris. (Despite the name, HEC Paris is in les exurbs and is two trains and an intermittently running bus from Paris).

Pierre recently started as an assistant professor at HEC, which is a great job for any economic sociologist but especially for a Parisian. (Likewise, I’m from LA — giving codeandculture a 2 for 2 rate for getting an R1 job in your hometown). Although we email a couple times a year (mostly when I’m begging him for help with R), this was the first time I’d seen Pierre since he was the discussant on a seminar talk I gave at Princeton two years ago. (That talk btw was an early version of the first half of my book, which is almost done).

We the management here at codeandculture miss Pierre and invite him to post again whenever he’s got some bit of code he wants to document or whatever other occasion may warrant a post. Although I’ve done about 100 times more posts on this blog than Pierre, he really hits above his weight on page views. (Yes, I read the “site stats,” I’ve also googled myself, so what). Week after week, all three of Pierre’s posts on how to do really basic but surprisingly difficult things in R get search traffic from somebody googling some variant of “how do I do this really basic thing in R?” Over time this adds up so by page views Pierre is something like 5% of the site.

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