Who Said It? Gift Exchange Lit vs Article on LASD

February 10, 2016 at 11:57 am

| Gabriel |

For each quote, guess the source: a classic of gift exchange or a Los Angeles Times article about deposed Sheriff and soon to be plea bargainee, Lee Baca. Highlight the text to see the answers and score your quiz!

“Until he has given back, the receiver is ‘obliged,’ expected to show his gratitude towards his benefactor or at least to show regard for him, go easy on him, pull his punches…” (Bourdieu Logic of Practice)

“The etiquette of the feast, of the gift that one receives with dignity, but is not solicited, is extremely marked among these tribes.” (Mauss The Gift)

“I don’t solicit any gifts. I’ve never asked for a gift.… People just do it for me.” (Los Angeles Times)

“When you’re taking gifts from strangers, there’s only one reason. They only give gifts because they want something.” (Los Angeles Times)

“These, however, are but the outward signs of kindness, not the kindnesses themselves.” (Seneca Benefits)

“What they’re expressing is appreciation for the respectful way we do business.” (Los Angeles Times)

“No one is really unaware of the logic of exchange … but no one fails to comply with the rules of the game, which is to act as if one did not know the rule.” (Bourdieu Pascalian Meditations)

“Nobody is free to refuse the present that is offered.” (Mauss The Gift)

“My life would be much easier if people did not give me gifts.” (Los Angeles Times)


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