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I’m an assistant professor of sociology at UCLA. You can read my faculty page here. I come from a theoretical perspective of production of culture, which is basically economic sociology’s attempt since the early 1970s to colonize the sociology of culture and rebuild it on a more structural basis. On an empirical level I dabble in various media but mostly look at how pop songs get popular on the radio. Since there are an enormous number of pop songs this means that at a methodological level I’m mostly interested in diffusion models that can use and interpret data from many different innovations. The kind of thing I do is described in this methods article.

My intent is for this blog to be mostly about technical issues, secondarily about theory, and not at all about politics, daily minutiae, etc. As such it’s probably worth describing my set-up and workflow. My computer is a white MacBook with 4 GB of RAM running Snow Leopard (and sometimes Ubuntu too in a VM). I use TextMate for coding, TextWrangler for miscellaneous tasks, Lyx for write-up, and Zotero for citation management. I write the vast majority of my code in Stata but I dabble in Perl, Bash, and the R package “igraph.”

[Update 6/23/2010: updated the description of my workflow to include things I’ve started using since starting the blog.]

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  • 1. Thomas Calkins  |  November 21, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Hey there,
    Just stumbled upon your blog while looking for the codebook for the 2008 SPPA. I’m actually working on a Bourdieu/Peterson type of project for my MA thesis…and I’ve become addicted to Stata in the process. Can’t wait to pick through the blog and see what I can find…..

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